South Africa

Run the Model for South Africa:

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), mandated to provide objective analysis to inform Government of South Africa policies, collaborated with USAID, NREL and the 21st Century Power Partnership to adapt the I-JEDI for South Africa. Through this partnership, two CSIR staff participated in a two week fellowship at NREL and were trained on use of I-JEDI through a train the trainer approach. CSIR is now using the tool to perform analysis related to South Africa's Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) that is informing public discussions related to the IRP and energy transitions. In addition, the fellows will be providing trainings on I-JEDI to other countries in the Africa region. The I-JEDI South Africa model was adapted to include coal and natural gas technologies, allowing for comparison of job impacts across a wider set of technologies.

An I-JEDI model for distributed generation was also developed for South Africa in collaboration with the USAID South Africa Low Emission Development program using data from local PV suppliers and developers. Training on this DG I-JEDI model was provided to several government and non-government stakeholders in the country.

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