In partnership with the Government of Mexico, USAID, the LEDS Global Partnership LAC LEDS Platform, and NREL provided a training on I-JEDI to countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Following the training and based on capacity built, the Mexico National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change (INECC) used I-JEDI to inform a study titled Analysis of Value Chains of Selected Climate Technologies in the Transport and Electric Generation Sectors. In particular I-JEDI was used to evaluate potential employment impacts of renewable energy technology deployment. This analysis was then used to inform climate and energy policy decisions in Mexico.

To support power sector planning decisions, the Mexico Ministry of Energy and the state utility, CFE, has developed a standalone version of the I-JEDI model that incorporates local data to estimate economic impacts of wind and hydropower development. In addition, this version of the model also calculates greenhouse gas emission and Human Development Index impacts associated with renewable energy development. Impacts are calculated at the national, state, and municipal levels.

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