What is I-JEDI?

The International Jobs and Economic Development Impacts (I-JEDI) model is a free, online tool for analyzing the economic impacts of renewable energy development. The tool estimates the potential gross economic impacts of wind, solar, biomass and geothermal energy projects for a specific country.

I-JEDI estimates the employment, earnings, gross domestic product, and output from the construction and operation of renewable energy projects and across the domestic supply chain. The model results include total economic impacts as well as impacts by industry (e.g., construction, manufacturing, banking services, etc.). This information helps align renewable energy action with key economic development goals. I-JEDI was developed through the USAID-NREL Partnership to support informed renewable energy decisions.

Who can use I-JEDI?

The I-JEDI model has been used by technical institutions, consultancies, and governments to assess potential economic impacts of energy projects. I-JEDI's interface allows users of varying expertise work with the model seamlessly. Users with more experience and detailed knowledge about projects will be able to tailor their analyses, but even first time users will be able to quickly obtain and interpret results.

How is I-JEDI informing decisions around the world?

Understanding the economic impacts of renewable energy development is critical to reaching scale in the clean energy transition. Analysis of the potential economic impacts of energy sector development, such as job creation and gross domestic product, can support informed clean energy decision-making.

Through a partnership with USAID and NREL, Zambia, South Africa, Mexico and Colombia are using the model to support clean energy development. Click here to learn more about how I-JEDI has been used to inform policies and decisions across the globe. I-JEDI can also be adapted for any country using the custom region tool to be released in early 2019.

How can I learn to use I-JEDI and understand how it supports broader development impact assessment efforts?

Use the resources and training page to access the I-JEDI user guide and online tutorial as well as information on broader development impact assessment approaches that can integrate I-JEDI results. For more in-depth support, ask an expert in order to access free assistance from I-JEDI and clean energy experts.

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